Perelel, a woman-owned small business that has re-imagined preand post-natal vitamins, designed to adapt to your body’s changing needs throughout your motherhood journey.

Project Overview

Using our client, Perelel, as the case study, we will demonstrate how in only one, full-day (7-8 hours) shoot, we accomplished:

- E-comm photos for Perelel's entire catalogue of products

- Developed a broad set of photo and video assets specifically for ad creative

- Shot for the Perelel + Erewhon launch

- Captured a breadth of evergreen, lifestyle focused photo and video

- Captured a breadth of evergreen, product focused photo and video

- Grabbed a couple needed holiday shots as the cherry on top for the day

And we even had time to eat lunch together :)

Scope of work

1 Creative Director

1 Photographer

1 Producer

2 Videographers, who also were our lighting techs

3 Production assistants

1 stylist

The Peerspace location in Pasadena


2 models

8 hours on set


Food for team and talent

Prep and wrap time (about 2 days worth of work between organizing props, travel time, returning items, etc.) outside of the shoot day

Results and deliverables

For 23 SKUs and 4 Bundles, we delivered:

605 Still Images across all verticals

125 B-Roll Video Clips across all verticals