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4 ways to stay balanced while traveling

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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Traveling is an exciting and wonderful opportunity. The chance to see the world, the thrill of an unfamiliar place, the adventure of discovery; it never gets old! Whether you travel once in a while or are on the road constantly, I am sure that you can relate to me when I say that maintaining your routines can be a challenge. When we travel, we often go from a “home mindset” to a “vacation mindset”, which can result in disrupted sleep patterns, poor eating habits, and overall imbalance, causing us to not feel like our best selves. We crave holiday, but it’s been my experience to return home feeling worse than when I started because I “let myself go”, in a sense, by not nurturing the actions in my life that make me my best self. Now that I travel often for work, I am realizing that “vacation mode” just isn’t going to cut it for me. In order to feel balanced, energetic, healthy, and relaxed, honoring my routines is essential. Here are 4 simple actions you can take to maintain a sense of routine while you travel to encourage your best self to hang around, on or off holiday!

1. Move your body

Movement should be a non-negotiable. You don’t question brushing your teeth twice a day. You don’t question taking showers. You don’t question nourishing your body with food. So why do we question movement? This is probably a bigger blog post for another time, but for me, exercise is key, especially when I travel. And guess what? Walking totally counts! But whether you choose to walk to explore your current destination, bring some resistance bands for a workout in your room, or you choose to utilize a hotel/neighborhood gym, exercise is helpful for maintaining a sense of routine for many reasons. It is a stress reliever, a good sweat in the morning can give you energy for your day, a brisk walk or some yoga before bed can induce a deeper nights sleep, and the decision to do something for you while you travel permits a more peaceful experience. Exercise isn’t a chore, so indulge at home and while you travel!

2. Don’t underestimate the power of skincare

Never underestimate the power of a consistent skin routine. ESPECIALLY while traveling. Traveling, flying in particular, is incredibly dehydrating and can cause your skin to dry out, break out, and even show fine lines. (Fun fact, hydration is an anti-aging secret!) I know people who don’t bring their skincare with them when they travel, to save space typically, and I personally think it’s a mistake! Not just because taking care of your skin is important, but because it can be a balanced way to start your day or a great way to unwind at the end of the day. Taking your skincare along with you is a really nice way to feel at home away from home.

Pro tip: bring a face mask along with you! If you’re on holiday, taking the time for a mask can be especially relaxing and luxurious. If you’re traveling for work, a face mask can be a nice way to make some time for you after a long day and rest up!

3. Good sleep is non-negotiable

Prioritizing sleep, especially when traveling to another time zone, might be the most important thing you can do, in my opinion. We all know the benefits of sleep, but it can be hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, and then wake up when you’re jet lagged. Melatonin is a great item to carry with you when you travel, as it will help regulate your sleep cycle and get you adjusted sooner rather than later. Just don’t rely on it at all times, as you can easily get addicted and then it’s no better for you than a sleeping pill. Some people suggest getting to sleep and waking up at the same time each day to maintain a healthy, balanced body, but many of us may find that unrealistic, and definitely so while in a place outside our comfort zone. So just make sure you find a way to get your 8 hours, make the space to unwind in the evenings, and allow yourself some time in the morning to start the day right (in whatever way suits you best).

4. Hydration cures all

Like we said earlier, hydration is an anti-aging secret, but drinking water keeps you energized, full, regulated, healthy, and happy. I don’t need to explain all the benefits of water, BUT I do need to say that it is so easy to not remember to drink water while you’re away. People typically have a glass of water on their desk at work, or a jug on the table at dinner, and although culture is becoming more aware of the benefits drinking water consistently throughout the day, it’s easy to forget the water bottle on a day running around a new place. Add a reusable water bottle to your packing list ahead of time and carry it with you on your adventures. I love to bring the 24 oz Hydro Flask with me when I travel because it is slim and lightweight! Most places these days have purified water fountains, or you can always ask the local coffee shop to fill your bottle with water for you!

And that’s that! While I travel, I prioritize my sleep and exercise, I take especially good care of my skin, and I always have my water bottle with me. These actions help me stay in sync with my life and routines, give me a sense of home when I am away, and allow me to relax and nurture my soul.

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How do you take care of yourself when you travel? What are some things that you do that make you feel like your best self, that make you feel at home?

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