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How I up-leveled my flatlay game

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Image shot for Hannah Florman using Sourced Co. Acrylic Styling Blocks

As entrepreneurs, many of us can feel isolated, and somehow get this lie stuck in our heads that we are the only ones doing what we are doing, that no one really understands us, that we are destined to do this thing alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and over the course of my career, I have been incredibly fortunate to meet amazing and brilliant fellow entrepreneurs around the globe, who are looking for the same kind of community and support that you and I are in search of.

One of these entrepreneurs is the lovely Tayler Cusick Hollman, the woman behind Sourced Co. Sourced Co. provides carefully curated, styled stock photography for busy wedding professionals, as well as an online shop, full of resources like graphics, videos, and the reason I am writing this blog post: their acrylic styling blocks.

Image shot for Lani using Sourced Co. Acrylic Styling Blocks

Tayler shared her acrylic styling blocks with me and a colleague to support an event we were planning to host last year.

New flatlay props can feel like Christmas!

Opening the box from Sourced Co. was like opening a present on Christmas Day. The presentation was feminine and high quality, which adds tremendous value to the experience and the product and the product itself exceeded my expectations. The blocks are weighty and sturdy and look like clear quartz beauties when interacting with light. They are also very versatile, coming in several sizes and a few shapes, which is great depending on what you’re shooting. They also come with a small microfiber cloth, which makes cleaning off any smudges or fingerprints easy and convenient.

Image shot for skoah Boston using Sourced Co. Acrylic Styling Blocks

Although the acrylic styling blocks are promoted to wedding photographers, for styling wedding suites and more, I find them to be a great prop for any photographer who works with products and does flatlays. I have been using them on client shoots the last few months, and they have been a fantastic addition to my kit to make photos more dynamic.

Image shot for Hannah Florman using Sourced Co. Acrylic Styling Blocks

If you’re a photographer or creative, go give Sourced Co. some love and give the acrylic styling blocks a try for yourself!

See Sourced Co. at:

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