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I Had a Bug

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I always had the bug. You know, the travel bug. As a kid, I would dream of other places, journal through my imaginations, and get lost in books and films that would take me away. My dad has traveled all over the world for work for as long as I can remember. His mobile lifestyle has inspired me to embrace one of my own.

woman sitting on the carpet facing away from the camera and out of a sunlit window with plants on either side of her

My first trip abroad was to the United Kingdom at the age of 11. I was enlightened. Shortly after that trip, I received my first digital camera (point and shoot), and as we took trips as a family, my creative eye developed and my love for the world grew. Just before I turned 13, my parents decided to homeschool my younger brother and I, so that we could have the opportunity to travel all together, since my dad was gone so often. We ended up settling and living between Boston, Massachusetts and London, England. It may sound glamorous, and it certainly has been, but initially it left me lost. A moldable teenager with inconsistent friendships doing school on her own certainly presented its challenges.

However, that experience taught me many life giving, life changing lessons. It showed me how to be a self starter, how to develop skills independently and successful, how to BE the good friend we all crave to have, how to learn wherever you find yourself. These are invaluable skills.

That's a little bit of my story! Want to know more? Comment with questions!

I love you.

xx Marika

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