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Products you need for making #quarantinelife easier

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

We are full swing into the Covid-19 crazy, and with nearly a month of quarantine under our belts, many of us may be feeling a bit restless. I am used to working from home regularly, and although this isn’t a major adjustment for me, I am definitely feeling confined, so I can’t imagine what everyone else who isn’t used to #WFH is feeling right now.

The working from home life isn’t the only adjustment we are making, though. Since we are required to practice social distancing, many of our beloved small businesses and service providers have closed their doors for now, prompting us to seek out options for at home solutions.

Below, I am outlining five of my favorite brands and products making my quarantine life a little bit easier:

1. Static Nails*

Static Nails have been a game changer for me. For about two years, I was religious about acrylic nails. Then, as I became more concerned about the health implications of acrylics (also it’s an expensive habit to maintain), I moved to dip powder, which ended up being more expensive and not any safer. 4 months ago, I came across Static Nails and decided to give them a try. And I haven’t looked back since. It takes less than 15 minutes to create a perfect, acrylic-esc manicure, that lasts from 2-4 weeks easily. Plus, the cost is unbeatable. Use this link to get a $5 gift card plus 10% off your first purchase.

2. Arbonne*

Okay people, hear me out. I know many are wary of MLM companies, and I was for a long time too. While there are many that are worth being concerned over, Arbonne is not one of those companies. They have been making non-toxic, vegan products for 40 years, and their nutrition especially is phenomenal. My favorite product is their Fizz Sticks. Fizz Sticks provide a natural energy boost, sans the jitters, with essential vitamins and come in an array of delicious flavors. My favorite is Citrus! This is an easy at home caffeine solution, and is amazing as a pre-(home) workout as well! Use this link to score up to 40% off of all products!

3. Sakara Life*

As a single, busy, entrepreneurial woman, meal prep can often feel like more of a chore than something to look forward to. Mind you, I love to cook! Food, recipe development, and new flavors inspire me, but sometimes healthy and creative meals take up time that I’m not always willing to give. I’ve tried several meal prep services over the years, but Sakara is by far my favorite. All their recipes are rooted in the belief that food is medicine, and that when we eat high quality, organic foods without allergens and gut compromising ingredients, we can live, think, and breathe our best selves. Everything I’ve tried is delicious; I haven’t had one bad meal! Sakara is a great solution, whether you’re trying to avoid the grocery store right now, want a little extra help in the food prep department, or are just looking for a bit of detox. Use this link to get $50 off your first delivery!

4. Alo Moves

The online fitness community is thriving right now. Every fitness professional I know personally or follow on Instagram is hosting free live classes and driving sales to their online offers. I’ve always enjoyed working out at home, so I am loving all of the free content from my favorite health professionals. In addition to the free resources though, I’ve joined Alo Moves. Alo is known for their exceptional yoga experience, but they also have some great HIIT workouts, meditations, and skills classes. The user interface is brilliant, the instructors are fantastic, and the variety of options offered is unbeatable.

5. Laptop Desk Tray

Back on the #WFH topic, one product that has made my workflow so much easier is this laptop desk tray from Amazon. Unfortunately, sometimes working from my bedroom is inevitable. I have a bad neck/back, and this desk tray allows me to not compromise my physical health. The height is perfect for video meetings, all writing or Internet surfing needs, and even has a built in drawer for storage and mouse pad for easy movement.

And that’s that! If you end up trying any of these brands or products, comment here or shoot me a message and tell me about your experience! And make sure to share what’s making your quarantine life easier too!

*The links I’ve included for these products are affiliate links for these brands. I would never ever recommend a brand to you that I didn’t personally use and love, and so I am sharing these resources with you from a position of honesty and integrity. Whether I had an affiliate link or not, I would still recommend these products and hope that you find value from them also.

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