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What you need to know about hiring a brand photographer for 2021

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Why hire a brand photographer?

If anything, 2020 has shown us the value that great brand photography offers.

If you were a business owner in 2020, then it is fairly safe to say that, if you hadn’t known it already, you now realize how powerful social media actually is and how important visual assets are for capturing the attention of your customers.

While many industries have suffered—and content creators specifically have certainly encountered their fair share of push back on their rates as their clients tried to navigate budgets and the uncertainty of the year—I discovered that this year actually solidified the value of what those content creators provide more than ever before.

Photographers, creative directors, videographers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters—all the people you hire to make your brand come to life—are responsible for the first impression a customer has when they encounter your brand. I believe that 2020 has set a new standard for what it means for brands to invest in freelance creatives moving forward.

As Marika Creative focuses on creative direction, brand photography, and brand videography, I am going to share three things you need to know before hiring your brand photographer for the new year ahead.

1. You really can’t get away with asking brand photographers to lower their rates anymore.

I hate the word “woke”, but people, we now live in a woke world, where people value transparency more than ever. Just like people care about where their meat comes from or how their clothes are made, the creative industry is becoming more and more honest about why these services cost what they do.

If a customer couldn’t afford your product, you wouldn’t be thrilled if that customer came to you and asked you for a discount when you weren’t offering one. It’s as simple as the golden rule (“treat others like you want to be treated.”).

2. You are the lucky one to get to be working with such talented creatives.

I see the creative industry trending towards brand photographers, creative directors, and videographers preferring to work with quality clients versus a quantity of clients. Many creatives I know, including myself and the Marika Creative team, have an internal vetting process that we use to determine whether or not a client is a good fit for us.

Like any new relationship in life, you have to decide if you are willing to compromise and what you are willing to overlook and accept. A client–vendor relationship goes the same way, especially for long term commitments. We want to love working with you just as much as you want to love working with us.

3. You need to show creatives and brand photographers you value our work.

For those working in the creative industry, it isn’t uncommon to feel like your work is undervalued. Freelance creatives, artists, photographers, designers, and videographers are often asked for discounts or to work for free for “exposure”.

It’s important to understand that these creatives have skills that they have likely spent years honing, that they have invested time and money into themselves and their businesses, and that what they have to offer is valuable.

Because it is valuable! Working with a brand photographer who truly understands proper branding and who can produce quality content for your business has a huge impact. These days, with so much competition and so much importance placed on your brand image, this can be a dealbreaker.

Interested in hiring a brand photographer and creative director for your business? We serve clients in California, Boston, London, and beyond, and I’d love to help—let’s chat!

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