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What's your why? Show people how much you care

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Marika thinking about her why in a white, striped dress walking while holding her camera and laughing

My mum and dad always said to me growing up, “People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care.” That principle is true of relationships, but I believe it is also true of business.

How we care for our brand, our clients, and our growth is centered around our “why”.

The “why” behind what we do is the reason our businesses exist. It is the passion that drives us, the types of clients we serve, and the way we manage what we’ve built. When I am interacting with other brands and businesses, I always go to the about page on a website. I want to know why these people do what they do, why their company exists. I care about the person and the mission behind the brand, and I want to know that I can trust them and what they have to offer before I pull out my wallet. If that is how I am, I can only imagine that all of you are right there with me.

So what is my why?

I started Marika Limited because I am passionate about improvement. I wanted to create a brand that contributed something significant to clients who invest in me, and to the world as well.

After choosing not to pursue a career in law (yes that’s right, I chose my camera over a law degree), I knew I needed to follow a path that granted me the opportunity to create, inspire, help, and grow others and with others.

Social media is what inspired me to pick up a camera in the first place (shout out to the OG Instagram!) and everything came full circle when I found my niche creating content for clients to gain their ideal clients via social media.

“Content creation” has a lot of meanings these days, so let me explain to you what Marika Limited actually does! I specialize in brand photography and custom visual content for your marketing strategies. What I create for you is beyond stock, tailoring imagery to express your brand's core values and communicate your vision. I tend to partner with brands on an ongoing basis, providing regular and consistent imagery for them to post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and websites. Social media is a rad tool that has empowered so many of us in our businesses, allowing us to gain more exposure and find our people. And that’s what I do: help you find your people through compelling photography for your brand, product, and service.

So what’s a Marika Limited brand like?

Let me tell you, they are AMAZING.

I love serving clients who love to serve others. My brands are chic and innovative, growth oriented, and value wellbeing. My people thrive on improving our everyday lives, whether through wellness, beauty, or lifestyle. Some of my favorite clients have been F45 Training, the Global Peter Drucker Society, and Perelel.

Marika Limited exists not only to create stunning imagery for badass brands, but to offer guidance, strategy, and encouragement to them on their journeys.

I love what I do. And I love all of you.

Heading photograph taken by Melanie Kim:

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