Beam is a wellness brand offering an innovative line of products across multiple categories. Born from the vision of two former athletes, Beam believes in healing and restoring the body from the inside out. Their range of competitive wellness products include science-backed ingredients that optimize the systems of the body from day to night.

Project Overview

We have been working with Beam on retainer since February 2022. Over the course of that time, we have partnered with Beam on content strategy, creative direction, production, photo, and video for new product launches, ad campaigns, evergreen product and lifestyle media, email newsletter visuals, e-comm photography, and media for use across all press, web, and social.

The structure of our regular projects with Beam have remained very similar, so this case study will use one of our product launch projects with mhen as an example to represent all projects.

The project represented here was for Beam's launch of their limited edition Dream flavor, Sea Salt Caramel.

Scope of Work

Services Rendered:

- Content Strategy
- Creative Direction
- Production
- Photography
- Videography
- Video editing

The total fee included:

- 1 Creative Director
- 1 Photographer
- 1 Producer
- 2 Videographers, who also were our lighting techs
- 3 Production assistants
- The Peerspace location in Orange County, CA
- Props 2 models
- 6 hours on set
- Insurance
- Food for team and talent
- Prep and wrap time (about 2 days worth of work between organizing props, travel time, returning items, etc.) outside of the shoot day


For 7 SKUs and Teaser Media, we delivered 327 Still Images for use across all verticals and 75 B-Roll Video Clips for use across all verticals. We also delivered approximately 8 fully edited Meta ads, Reels, and TikToks.

The Customer Outcome

Beam shared with us that this was one of the most successful launches they had ever had to date, which they credit to the creative Marika Creative developed for them.

Beam saw great ROAS from their ad campaigns with this media and approximately a 500% increase in engagement on social posts with our content for this launch.

In joining forces with their creative team, Marika Creative was able to facilitate significant ROI and deeper customer relationships.