Our Services & Ways you can Work with Marika CREATIVE.

What we are capable of - that's one thing. How we actually apply the work to growing your business - well that's completely different. There are several ways you can work with us, depending on your needs and budgets.

Keep reading for various solutions and if you don't see what you need, you can always ask us for more!

The fractional creative team

What is a Fractional Creative Team?

A Fractional Creative Team is an external partner, meant to integrate into your existing in-house team to supplement and enhance your creative and marketing strategy. Maybe you aren't ready to hire full-time, in-house. Or maybe, you need additional resources. Either way, our team is your team. In this ongoing capacity, we will manage your content strategy, creative direction, production, photography, and videography needs for your ads, social, website, and everything in between. Plus, based on the structure of most contracts, you get our whole team (with most expenses included) for the same average cost of ONE senior full-time creative hire. A no brainer if you ask us!

How does our Fractional Creative Team work for you?

Our agile fractional creative team offers cross-platform support for your integrated marketing campaigns on a rolling basis. This means, that whatever visual needs you have for new product launches, UGC, web, social, and more, is covered by us. We achieve this by being your one agency(ish) partner, managing different contractors, projects, and creative goals at once. The idea is to scale with you and develop a flow that keeps you planning in advance and supplied with more than enough assets. We work with your brand to stay a few steps ahead of industry curves by strategizing your next month’s needs, coordinating the logistics, learning from last month’s performance, and executing on our findings.Consistently working with the same fractional creative team builds strength, depth, and customer connection month after month, or quarter after quarter. We invest in you, making certain that we are consistently steeped in your brand's culture and spirit.

Learn more about The Fractional Creative Team here!


The Media Capsule by Marika Creative is our trademarked, three (3) month content creation intensive. We have designed this experience for brands to build a large and strategic media library quickly and efficiently. Over the course of three months, you will walk away with a fully developed photo and video language, over 1,000 new creative assets, and a customized Data Asset Manager. This is the new solution for brands who never have enough creative, desire a clear vision for 2024, and are ready to grow like never before.

The demands for maintaining a captivating digital presence are extremely high. The creative output required is constant and many brands struggle to keep up with content creation from all sides (high-end photo and video, UGC, TikToks/Reels, etc.). Long gone are the days where you can just focus on one social platform to build your brand and increase your revenue. Now, you have to take the macro approach to your marketing efforts, covering all your bases, from paid to organic media, to PR, and more. And where you used to be able to simply post about your product and a couple touch points later people would make a purchase, now, you have to build trust and depth. You have to share your story, invite people into a greater vision, and transparently showcase your values to build a connection to encourage a sale. The Media Capsule program was created to solve these problems.

Over the course of three (3) months, we will identify your core brand values, disect your vision, direct and produce a series of photo and video projects to communicate your unique product-market fit, and then file, organize, and tag all of your brand new assets in an accessible Data Asset Management (DAM) system so that you never have to wonder what assets you have and where they are stored again. By hiring a boutique agency like Marika Creative to create custom, beautiful assets to span across all your brand and marketing efforts, you can ensure that your company stands out from the competition and appeals more strongly to your target customer audience. The investment in this elevated media is a function in playing the long-game, as it helps to establish your brand as trustworthy and reputable. Let's increase your revenue and develop intimate connections with your customers, together.

Learn more about The Media Capsule here!

full-scope creative projects (In-person or virtual)

Starting at $20,000 per project

We are most well-known for our start-to-finish creative approach, partnering with you on everything involved in a single project, including content strategy, creative direction, production, photography, videography, and delivery.

This full-scope approach can be applied to any creative project need, including:

Specialized or seasonal campaigns (product and lifestyle focused media)
Evergreen media library development (product and lifestyle focused media)
Paid ads content creation
E-commerce assets (product and lifestyle media for landing pages and PDPs)
Organic social

In many cases, one full-scope project could cover your needs for all of the above! We are experts at maximizing your budgets to get you the highest ROI and the most longevity from your new creative.

Our virtual creative projects uniquely position us to serve you from wherever you are in the world! All the full-scope creative projects details above still apply, but we make everything happen without you ever needing to be physically with our team!

Here's what you can expect from our virtual creative projects:

Content strategy & creative direction for your projects done virtually via regular Zoom meetings, a Slack channel, and some epic digital tools to streamline the process.
We produce everything for your project, making it so easy that all you have to do is say yes or no with comment in a Google Sheet. Really you're only job is approvals!
You ship us your products and packaging and we take care of purchasing/sourcing everything else.
We can apply our virtual approach to both in-studio and on-location projects.

When it comes to the shoot day itself:
We invite you to join the project via Zoom
We tether the cameras to our computers, and screenshare our image capturing software so that you can see all the content in real time.
We have a team member monitoring the Zoom chat and Slack channel to look out for your feedback and call out adjustments as needed. You can also jump in at any time!
Feel free to screenshot, add comments, and get anyone else on your team involved in the project throughout the day.
We do need you to commit to the day on Zoom with us, but you can feel free to pop in and out as needed.

Clients we've done virtual projects with include:

Panera Bread
Circle K
Samuel Adams
Real Food From the Ground Up
Cello Cheese
Innersense Organic Beauty
Vichy Laboratories
Hello Noemi
Crane Stationary
Skinny Dipped

Let's create magic, together