Our Services & Ways you can Work with Marika CREATIVE.

What we are capable of - that's one thing. How we actually apply the work to growing your business - well that's completely different. There are several ways you can work with us, depending on your needs and budgets.

Keep reading for various solutions and if you don't see what you need, you can always ask us for more!

Evergreen iphone video libraries

Starting at $5,000 per month

What you can expect:

25, 5-15 second iPhone video clips (individually unique and can be used stand alone or cut into endless combinations) delivered per month.

The intention is to deliver evergreen content and can vary month-to-month. One month we could focus on a set of SKUs, another we could work on specific concepts or vibes, the potential is endless!

Concept brainstorming and shot list development included.

No expenses or production costs included, such as locations, props, models, etc., without previous discussions and agreements.

Regular check-ins and support from our team.

No licensing fees at all!

6 month minimum commitment.

We always include this kind of content in our full-scope creative projects!

À la carte strategy

Starting at $10,000

Strategy is the foundation of everything. It is the lens through which you view your brand and how you create content to compel customers to be forever fans. With a well-crafted content strategy, businesses can effectively communicate their brand message, establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, and ultimately drive customer engagement and sales. We understand how essential this is. Our strategy services will help us define your brand's voice and messaging as we understand your customer demographic, growth metrics, and more. We will establish creative content pillars, define your visual tone, and set the standard for all content your brand will publish from here on out.

We offer this as an à la carte service for a couple of reasons:

1. You may not be in the position to be creating deliverables yet and need a strong foundation to get started before committing to a full-blown creative team.
2. It's a great entry point to work with us if you already have creatives who execute deliverables for you, especially if you need a strategic refresh.

This could be a one off service, or we can discuss what on-going consulting support for these needs would look like for your brand specifically.

À la carte Production

Costs customized based on the expenses incurred for your production needs, plus the rate for our team

Models, locations, props, wardrobe, hair and makeup, craft services, set design, and more can all be handled by our team separately from our photo and video asset execution. We take care of everything so that the burden of logistics is lifted completely off of you so that you can do your real job!

We offer production as an à la carte service because we recognize that this may not be the skillset of both your internal teams, and the creatives that you already work with and love.

We pride ourselves on our full-scope production capabilities. Our team will handle everything for your projects, including:

- Finding and securing the right creative team to make the project happen (if we need people outside of our core team)
- Finding and casting models
- Finding and booking locations
- Sourcing and buying props
- Styling and purchasing wardrobe
- Coordinating hair and makeup
- Sourcing and purchasing backdrops
- Building scenes/sets
- Coordinating all travel and expenses
- Determining what gear is necessary and what we need to rent vs. what the team has
- Handling insurance and billing
- Coordinating craft service/food for the team, client, and models
- Creating a schedule and deadlines for the team and deliverables
- Finalizing the creative approach for how we plan to execute on the vision, including creating a shot list

data asset management

Starting at $250 per month, with a $1,899 flat on-boarding fee for your existing assets

In partnership with Tagbox, our Data Asset Management (DAM) service optimizes your content workflows, storage, and access. Dropbox or Google Photos can definitely get the job done, but when you have thousands of brand assets, it's easy for content to become disorganized and therefore inaccessible.

With our DAM system, you can expect:

Unlimited Collections
Uploading for all file types (photo and video in one place)
Auto Tagging
Tagging Assistance
Face Recognition
Search items in images
Search text in images
People Filters
Color Filters
Video and audio auto-transcription
Shareable Collections
Custom Permissions
Collaboration through comments directly on the media

Benefits of having us as your DAM partner:

No more disorganized media
Easy access to all your assets, to know what you have and what you need
Improved file flow
Protecting your internal team's time, resources, and objectives with content management from a dedicated team (us!)
Easier internal team onboarding into existing marketing ecosystem
Easier external marketing partner onboarding
Search for any piece of content you need, just like on a stock site except the work you search for is 100% yours
See all your photo and video in one place
Strong UI/UX experience (this makes file storage less stressful)

What you can expect from the monthly investment:

Uploading all your assets to the DAM
We will organize every asset into collections, titled by campaign name
We will tag every individual asset in detail so that you can search for them in the future however your heart desires, including by object, color, location, people's names, and more
We will walk your team through a demo to understand the ins and outs of your client workspace
Refreshing your workspace with new media from any source as needed
Updates to existing media as needed, including updated and relevant tagging, meta data, descriptions, etc.
Review of new features and updated demos and walkthroughs with your team.
Review and management of your comments and requests on media. You can reach out to us to reformat, resize, or re-edit your assets and get those updates filed and tagged also.

full-scope creative projects

Starting at $20,000 per project

We are most well-known for our start-to-finish creative approach, partnering with you on everything involved in a single project, including content strategy, creative direction, production, photography, videography, and delivery.

This full-scope approach can be applied to any creative project need, including:

Specialized or seasonal campaigns (product and lifestyle focused media)
Evergreen media library development (product and lifestyle focused media)
Paid ads content creation
E-commerce assets (product and lifestyle media for landing pages and PDPs)
Organic social

In many cases, one full-scope project could cover your needs for all of the above! We are experts at maximizing your budgets to get you the highest ROI and the most longevity from your new creative.

Virtual creative projects

Starting at $20,000 per project

Our virtual creative projects uniquely position us to serve you from wherever you are in the world! All the full-scope creative projects details above still apply, but we make everything happen without you ever needing to be physically with our team!

Here's what you can expect from our virtual creative projects:

Content strategy & creative direction for your projects done virtually via regular Zoom meetings, a Slack channel, and some epic digital tools to streamline the process.
We produce everything for your project, making it so easy that all you have to do is say yes or no with comment in a Google Sheet. Really you're only job is approvals!
You ship us your products and packaging and we take care of purchasing/sourcing everything else.
We can apply our virtual approach to both in-studio and on-location projects.

When it comes to the shoot day itself:
We invite you to join the project via Zoom
We tether the cameras to our computers, and screenshare our image capturing software so that you can see all the content in real time.
We have a team member monitoring the Zoom chat and Slack channel to look out for your feedback and call out adjustments as needed. You can also jump in at any time!
Feel free to screenshot, add comments, and get anyone else on your team involved in the project throughout the day.
We do need you to commit to the day on Zoom with us, but you can feel free to pop in and out as needed.

Clients we've done virtual projects with include:

Panera Bread
Circle K
Samuel Adams
Real Food From the Ground Up
Cello Cheese
Innersense Organic Beauty
Vichy Laboratories
Hello Noemi
Crane Stationary
Skinny Dipped

The media capsule program

Please inquire for detailed scope and pricing

The Media Capsule by Marika Creative is a three (3) month content creation intensive for your brand to build a strategic image and video media library, completely customized to your brand.  

The demands for maintaining a captivating digital presence are extremely high. The creative output required is constant and many brands struggle to keep up with content creation from all sides (high-end photo and video, UGC, TikToks/Reels, etc.). Long gone are the days where you can just focus on one social platform to build your brand and increase your revenue. Now, you have to take the macro approach to your marketing efforts, covering all your bases, from paid to organic media, to PR, and more. And where you used to be able to simply post about your product and a couple touch points later people would make a purchase, now, you have to build trust and depth. You have to share your story, invite people into a greater vision, and transparently showcase your values to build a connection to encourage a sale.

The Media Capsule program was created to solve these problems. Over the course of three (3) months, we will identify your core brand values, dissect your vision, direct and produce a series of photo and video projects to communicate your unique product-market fit, and then file, organize, and tag all of your brand new assets in an accessible Data Asset Management (DAM) system so that you never have to wonder what assets you have and where they are stored again.

By hiring an agency(ish) like Marika Creative to create custom, beautiful assets to span across all your brand and marketing efforts, you can ensure that your company stands out from the competition and appeals more strongly to your target customer audience. The investment in this elevated media is a function in playing the long-game, as it helps to establish your brand as a trusted and reputable provider of enterprise services. Let's increase your revenue and develop intimate connections with your customers, together.

An overview of what's included:

A fully developed creative strategy, both for long-term brand voice and short term marketing execution
Three(3) - Five (5) unique photo and video shoot days
All models
All props
All locations
Hundreds of strong, unique photo and video assets (offered in multiple crops and formats also)
A fully customized Data Asset Manager with all your assets categorized and tagged
And lots more!

Again, please inquire directly with us for the full scope and pricing to participate in The Media Capsule Program.

Let's create magic, together