Perelel is a woman-owned business that has re-imagined pre and post-natal vitamins, designed to adapt to your body’s changing needs throughout your motherhood journey.

Project Overview

We have had the fortune of working with Perelel since their launch! The following case study represents work from Perelel's Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign. The intention of the project was to update their entire catalogue of product photos since there were some changes since our previous project, and to set Perelel up with a breadth of content for quite literally every use case.

In one, full-day (7-8 hours) shoot for Perelel, we accomplished:

- E-comm photos for Perelel's entire catalogue of products
- Developed a broad set of photo and video assets specifically for ad creative
- Shot for the Perelel + Erewhon launch
- Captured a breadth of evergreen, lifestyle focused photo and video
- Captured a breadth of evergreen, product focused photo and video
- Grabbed a couple needed holiday shots as the cherry on top for the day

And we even had time to eat lunch together!

Scope of Work

Services rendered included:

- Content Strategy
- Creative Direction
- Production
- Photography
- Videography
- Video editing

The total fee included:

- 1 Creative Director
- 1 Photographer
- 1 Producer
- 2 Videographers, who also were our lighting techs
- 3 Production assistants
- 1 stylist
- The Peerspace location in Pasadena, CA
- All Props
- 2 models
- 8 hours on set
- Insurance
- Food for team and talent
- Prep and wrap time (about 2 days worth of work between organizing props, travel time, returning items, etc.) outside of the shoot day


For 23 SKUs and 4 Bundles, we delivered 605 Still Images for use across all verticals and 125 B-Roll Video Clips for use across all verticals

The customer outcome

Since beginning to work with Marika Creative in January 2021, Perelel was able to:

- Hit over $1M in their first year of business
- Did over $10M in revenue in year two
- Secured a 7-figure funding round from investors like Rocky Barnes
- Grew their following across all digital platforms by over 1000%

Perelel has seen great success across their ad campaigns, and have had several major PR features as well. In joining forces with their creative team, Marika Creative was able to facilitate significant ROI and deeper customer relationships.