Crane StationEry

The history of Crane encompasses 250 years of experience and craftsmanship. In 1770, entrepreneur Stephen Crane established the Crane paper business and purchased the Liberty Paper Mill. One of his early customers was Paul Revere, who used the paper to print the American Colonies’ first paper money. This was the inaugural thread of Crane’s presence in the fabric of American life. Crane remains a legacy brand, has been recognized for the quality and craftsmanship of tpapers.

Project Overview

Over the course of the last three years, we have done a handful of evergreen lifestyle and product projects for Crane Stationery. The goal of these projects was to showcase the undeniably high quality of the brand by highlighting texture, colors, and detail.

We had the opportunity to partner with Crane at a pivotal moment in their brand's history - a massive rebrand taking this legacy American brand into the modern age.

The projects we did for Crane were more than just high-end detail photos, but were meant to highlight the new tone and feel of the rebrand, to bring Crane into the lives and homes of consumers globally, and to remind people why putting pen to paper is an art form that should never be lost.

This case study will show work from two different projects that have a cohesive feel - an evergreen product/lifestyle project and a holiday focused product/lifestyle project.

All Crane work was done in collaboration with ANR Creative Group.

Scope of Work

Services rendered included:

- Content Strategy
- Creative Direction
- Production
- Photography

The total fee included:

- 1 Creative Director
- 1 Photographer
- 1 Producer
- 1 Production assistant
- 1 stylist
- Locations in Southern California
‍- All Props
- 5 models across two projects
- 4 hours on set for each project
- Insurance
- Food for team and talent
- Prep and wrap time (about 2 full days worth of work between organizing props, travel time, returning items, etc.) outside of the shoot day


Across two projects, for nearly 100 SKUs, we delivered 619 Still Images for use across all verticals.