Mocksy is a premium mockup and stock photography platform, delivering real and relevant imagery to successfully grow and market brands. Focusing heavily on strong creative direction, Mocksy leads with a candid, yet curated approach and the *moxie* to fill neglected gaps in the visual landscape.

Project Overview

Mocksy was started by our founder, Marika Adamopoulos and colleague Natalie Krasik.

Marika Creative was responsible for overseeing all creative and art direction, production, and photography deliverables for the brand.

Natalie Krasik was responsible for all design related brand work.

The following case study showcases a series of work from each of our current collections.

Scope of Work

Services rendered included:

- Content Strategy
- Creative Direction
- Production
- Photography

A typical Mocksy project scope would include:

- 1 Creative Director
- 1 Photographer
- 1 Producer
- 1 Production assistants
- 1 stylist
- Locations in Southern California
- All Props
- 2-3 models per shoot
- 8 hours on set
- Insurance
- Food for team and talent
- Prep and wrap time (about 2 days worth of work between organizing props, travel time, returning items, etc.) outside of the shoot day


Each collection holds approximately 40 assets for limited commercial use.

The customer outcome

Mocksy resonated with customers almost immediately, filling a gap in the market for not only designers in need of great mockups and stock, but for smaller brands who need accessible and affordable high-end content. The work we created for Mocksy has touch hundreds of brands and designers globally and customers tell us that the work is making big impacts in their businesses.