marika creative is an agency(ish) SETTING NEW STANDARDS in the creative industry.

We partner with brands to create stunning visual experiences, boldly and strategically supporting global businesses to increase revenue and develop intimate connections with their customers.

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We are an


At Marika Creative, our philosophy of service emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and respect between us and our clients. As an agency(ish), we bridge the partnership and strategic thinking elements of a consultancy with the delivery and technical resources of a creative agency. We always say that the better we know you, the better the work will be and the stronger results you will see. This way of working is supportive, and provides the space and skills to develop compelling creative, which builds relationships and customer loyalty, driving higher life-time value.

We work together with our clients to identify their needs, goals, and challenges, and help them reimagine what's possible by leveraging mutual expertise and resources. We are here to set new standards for what you should expect from the partners you outsource to.



Our agile and fractional creative team offers cross-platform support for your integrated marketing needs on a rolling basis. This means, that whatever visual needs you have for new product launches, UGC, web, social, and more, is covered by us. We achieve this by being your one agency(ish) partner, managing different projects and creative goals at once. We focus on the creative, so you can focus on performance.



The Media Capsule by Marika Creative is our trademark three month content creation intensive. Over the course of three months, you will walk away with a fully developed photo and video language, over 1,000 new creative assets, and a customized Data Asset Manager. This is the new solution for consumer brands who never have enough creative, desire a clear vision for 2024, and are ready to grow like never before.


CREATIVE projects

With our start-to-finish creative approach, we partner with you on everything involved in a single project, including content strategy, creative direction, production, photography, videography, and delivery. This full-scope approach can be applied to any creative project need, including specialized or seasonal campaigns, evergreen media library creation, content for your paid ads, PDP assets, and more.

Content Strategy

A strategic


We analyze and understand your target audience, identifying the most effective content channels and formats, and create a comprehensive plan for developing, producing, and executing media that is relevant, valuable, and engaging to your ideal customer. Our strategic process provides businesses with a roadmap for creating and distributing content that aligns with their overall marketing and sales objectives and supports their business goals.

Creative Direction


The Narrative

Creative direction is the art of guiding and leading the creative process towards a desired outcome. It involves the development of a strategic vision that informs and inspires the creative team to produce work that is on-brand, impactful, and effective. A strong creative direction encompasses a deep understanding of the brand identity, audience, and market trends, as well as a thorough analysis of the creative landscape. It requires a balance of creative thinking and strategic planning, as well as the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders.


Logistics make

things possible

We take care of all the details of your project so that your only job is to say yes or no. Production is the administrative, logistical plan and tasks needed in order to execute on the Creative Direction for a project. When we produce a project for a client, we are handling everything from booking locations, to casting models, to sourcing props, and more.


PHOTO, Video,


The deliverables you’ve been waiting for! We offer photography and videography for any kind of project, from experimental ad creative, to new product launches, to high-end campaigns, and UGC-style growth content. Any visual request is our command.




We work quickly and efficiently in all areas of our process, but especially on the delivery of the tangibles from our creative projects together. We just can’t wait to get the work in your hands and celebrate the continued elevation of your business with you. Plus, the sooner you have assets in your hand, the sooner you can start connecting with your audience and returning on your investment in us!

No waste,

No Drama.

As your fractional creative team, we are here to let you know that you don't need a full week and a team of 40 people to get amazing, quality content in the quantities you need. In fact, you can walk away with a well-rounded content strategy, a fully produced and directed scope, and the deliverables you need to cover all your channels including paid media, organic social, web, email, and more from a single one or two day project.

This is the future of the creative space, and a core aspect of our agency(ish) approach.

It's not often that I'm absolutely blown away and excited by a project, but this is exactly what I always pictured for Perelel. To many more!

creative director, Perelel

Immediately, we knew from our first project with Marika Creative that this was a long-term relationship. Marika and her team go above and beyond and brought our brand to life in a new way. Our photos weren't terrible before but when we invested in great marketing content through Marika Creative it helped us double our business the past year and secure partnerships with big brand names like Amazon, Nordstrom and Hilton.

CEO, Sprinkled with pink

Marika and her team were so kind and helpful throughout our shoot! I was halfway around the world throughout a lot of the planning and prep for our shoot and Marika made it all so easy. The photos were a huge upgrade for our brand and I'm confident will serve us for a long time!

Co-founder & CBO, Mindful & Modern

We have worked with Marika and her team multiple times over the past 2 years for our two companies. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is able to take the scattered thoughts in my head and turn that into a cohesive vision that results in amazing photos. All that, and she is a breeze to work with.

Owner, skoah boston

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