WE SERVE Global CONSUMER Brands with fULL-scope Creative.

Here at Marika Creative, we offer a disruptive and luxury experience, guiding you through and partnering with you on every step of the process to breathe confidence, narrative, and exceptional quality into your brand.


Your creative concierge

From concept to delivery, we team up with your marketing department to craft the strategy and scope for your diverse content needs. No agency fluff here. We consider ourselves to be your fractional creative team, integrating with you to maximize the capacity of your internal team and see your business flourish!

no waste, no drama

And no PAs just there to get coffee. Your campaign may not require a whole week and 30+ people on the production team. For the majority of content scopes, you can get the deliverables you need for the next 1-3 quarters from 2 days and 2 locations from a production team of 10 rockstars. We are the more efficient and sustainable approach to agency-ing.

we source who you need

We work with a network of preferred partners globally to ensure that clients have access to the best creative talent for whatever their needs might be. If it's visual, we know someone who does it. You do not need five different agencies to get your creative done - you just need us!

Want it all? have it all.

Our focused team gets it done with a tactical and thoughtful production plan. We like to knock out UGC, lifestyle & product photo and video, e-commerce, and stop motions all in one production day. Our clients have used content from these single production days for as long as 1-2 yearS out in their integrated marketing campaigns.

This is a partnership

Reduce your resources, and your headaches, and work with Marika Creative for all of your creative needs. We manage strategy and creative direction, gorgeous photo and video assets paid ads, PDPs, newsletters, organic social, and more, UGC creators, designers, etc. Stick with one amazing team to maximize your efforts!


We take a 360° approach to all creative.

Content Strategy / Creative Direction/ Full-scope Production / Photography / Videography / Video Editing / Stop Motion / UGC Creators & UGC Creator Content / Brand Consulting / Visual Identity Development / Web Design / Graphic Design

Our approach

Drive results

By investing in working with us on your brand's creative strategy and media development instead of using stock, you will see a nearly 100% increase in brand awareness, social visibility and success in sales and leads for your business, making the ROI well worth it.

Create community

Working with us to produce an archive of on-brand, quality media doesn't just present your business in the best light: It also fosters your brand's community, incentivizing them to share and engage with your digital content.

Build trust

You can feel confident knowing that your brand's creative direction and media production is in the hands of experts you can trust. We work efficiently and with your goals in mind to produce the highest quality assets.

Support Aesthetic

We value your vision for your brand's aesthetic as a top priority when you enlist us to create visual moments that depict your business's story. Our creative branding process involves rigorous aesthetic analysis, ensuring that our goals are 100% aligned with yours.

Realize Dreams

Quantifiable, hard data is sexy when it comes to scaling your business, but there is nothing like the harmony of your goals and your dreams coming together as one. Working with us allows bring your business dreams into reality, as we partner with you to level up your brand image to the place you’ve always imagined.

We are an AGENCY(ISH)

Our philosophy of service emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and respect between us and our clients. We offer the full range of capabilities a traditional creative agency does, with a more supportive approach where we are equal partners intent on achieving mutual success and growth. We work together with our clients to identify their needs, goals, and challenges, and help them reimagine what's possible by leveraging mutual expertise and resources. We are here to set new standards for what you should expect for partners you outsource to.

what we look for in a client

01. Our clients value integrity, transparency and quality.
02. They have a mission to make the world a better place
03. They prioritize brand development and marketing
04 They seek out working with true partners, not just hiring vendors.
05. They do a minimum of $5M in revenue per year, or have recently closed a 7+ figure funding round, or can spend a minimum of $20K per one-off, full-scope project or a minimum of $10K per month on retainer.

You should Consider this

We bring considerable value to our clients, not just in the deliverables, but, especially when on retainer with a brand, in how we supplement multiple potential full-time employees with an entire creative team for less than the total yearly cost and benefits of one qualified, salaried employee. The average annual salary plus benefits for one, senior creative director is approximately $180,000 to $320,000. The average annual spend for the entire Marika Creative team (including expenses) is approximately $175,000.

Ways to work with us

01. Monthly or quarterly committed partnership
02. One-off, all inclusive projects
03. A la carte services like styling, brand identity, headshots, etc.

We do our best work when we get to partner with you from start to finish, and our agile team is ready to work with you at any stage to accomadate any creative needs.

from Concept to delivery

We work with clients from concept to delivery on every project. We kick-off with understanding how the end deliverables integrate with the larger brand story and sales and marketing goals. From there, we will handle all production tasks, execute the creation of your media, and deliver it ready to use. Whether you’re launching a new product, need consistent ad creative, or want to develop a stand alone campaign, we can ensure that any visual touch points will be expertly taken care of by us.

value-based pricing

We believe that investing in a partnership is a mutual investment between our agency(ish) and our clients, so our business model revolves on a sliding scale, driven by value-based pricing. We take several factors into account when offering an all-inclusive quote, including your marketing budgets, stage of business, funding round, etc., while still honoring what we need to make sure our team, creators, and vendors are fairly compensated for their work and so that expenses are completely covered. Thus, our quotes range and fluctuate, but are always created with value-first in mind.