Marika Adamopoulos



Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marika Adamopoulos is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and creative with over a decade’s worth of experience working with global businesses and agencies. Starting out as an immigrant’s daughter and self-taught photographer, Marika received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and graduated from a philosophy program. Marika has always believed in shifting status quo’s and revolutionizing the way businesses create and communicate.

Currently running this agency(ish) focusing on content strategy, creative direction, and media production, Marika was an early trendsetter in redefining how agencies work with customers, how creatives are perceived, and empowering creators to think like business owners. Her global mindset, thorough knowledge of the brand world, and deep care for the human experience profoundly affects her work.

Marika's other startup endeavors include Creativity Built, an online community for fellow creatives born through the pandemic, and Mocksy, a premium mockup and stock photography platform, delivering real and relevant imagery to successfully grow and market brands.

Personally, Marika loves travel, embodies a holistic wellness practice, and considers herself both a foodie and a musician.