Winter 2020/2021



Creative Direction, Production, Brand Photography, Video, and Stop Motion



Fill gaps in Qatch’s content library, and create specific photo and video content for paid ads.



Marika Creative creative directed, produced, and shot photo, stop motion, and video for Qatch, a text-based shopping platform that uses consumer interactions to eliminate the fatigue of online shopping.

 Similar to the like/dislike interaction of Pandora, users can react to their recommendations to receive more personalized options and discover new brands. With a purchase conversion rate of almost 6x the industry average and a click-through rate of 65%, they increase visibility and conversions for their 70+ brands and retailers. Insights from social media, behavioral patterns, and cross-brand engagement helps them understand what users want at scale and allows them to share valuable data points with their brand partners.

We spent approximately 30 days collaborating with Qatch to get everything just right for the Winter 2020/2021 Campaign together.

This was not our first project together, so we already had a strong working relationship established and a level of trust that allowed for this project to be more powerful and more successful than the first!


Throughout the pre-production process, Marika Creative partnered with Qatch to create the concept and the vision for the project, and from there, we managed and executed everything, including:

  • Sourcing models

  • Finding and buying props/offering props from our personal collection

  • Wardrobe styling

  • Creating mood boards, briefs, shotlists, and the project plan

  • Curating the perfect team to execute and deliver on exceptional brand photo and video.


At Marika Creative, we managed the entire production process with Qatch by using Google Sheets, Canva, and Pinterest.

These tools allowed us to stay organized and be in consistent communication so that no detail fell through the cracks. Upon final delivery of the promised work, the Qatch team was not only satisfied, but ecstatic, knowing that everything we created was perfectly on par and exceeded expectations for their web, social media, and paid advertising needs.

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