Creative Direction for Brands


Creative direction is the core of every service we offer at Marika Creative.

Creative direction is what makes our brand photography and videography impactful, meaningful, and transformational to your business. It is vital in creating effortless stop motions, and it is always top of mind during the consultation process. The term can sound large and ambiguous, but it’s actually quite straightforward.


Creative direction is simply overseeing, managing, and executing all of the tasks related to the creative project at hand. For example, photoshoots often require location scouting, sourcing props, hiring models, coordinating hair/makeup, styling, assistants, and more. We take this off your plate and put it on ours, to ensure your projects and campaigns are seamless from start to finish. 


Beyond management and execution, creative direction can also look like conceptualizing your projects, in tandem with your editorial calendar, to elegantly tell your brand story. Ultimately, creative direction is what guides the entire process and brings your vision to life. At Marika Creative, we create or maintain your brand’s unique voice and carry it through all of your collateral. We connect with you, execute, and of course, deliver.


View some of our client case studies below.


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